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About Me

Carla Jennings

I believe we all deserve to be surrounded by natural beauty.

It's what makes us feel alive... carefree and at peace.

Sadly, our lives are often too busy to even notice the stunning creation right in front of us.

You might dream of a relaxing life in the country, spending peaceful days in your garden surrounded by your favourite flowers and wildlife...

I want my artwork to bring that sense of tranquility right into your home!



Just beautiful! Miss Carla is so awesome to work with; it seemed that she listed this design just for me, when I asked about a different one. :-)

She even gave me much needed advice on which colored pencils and paper to use.

T. Krawczyle

23 March 2016


I just received my "Mr Kingfisher" print and I wanted to let you know how much I love it!!

It's exactly what I was hoping for. the colors are gorgeous and the kingfisher is beautiful (as well as utterly adorable). You're so talented. Thank you so much!

M. Layounie

27 April 2016

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